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Next month we're back in Chicago for

Saturday, April 7th & Sunday, April 8th

YarnCon's mission is "...to be the premier market for independent producers of yarn, fiber for spinning and weaving, tools, gadgets, books, patterns, instructions, and gifts related to spinning, knitting, crochet, and weaving."

If you like indie-dyers, artits, and artisans, this is a great show to attend!
New Pattern by Brenda
Brenda has created a scarf called Hole Hearted.  It's full of love in the form of cables and lace.  Complimentarty copy with purchase of yarn, or buy a copy of the pattern on Ravelry. 

New Colorways!

Meet our Spring Gradients:  Devil's Snare and Electric Dawn
These two colorways have the same colorway dyed on three different configurations:
Shawl Ball:
170 grams of yarn, the gradient happens once across the skein in incrimental transitions of color.
Palindrome Socks
100 grams of self striping yarn that echos back and forth through the colorway, just like a palindrome.
Color Fusion:
100 grams of yarn, the gradient happens once across the skein in equal transitions of color.
Devil's Snare
Shawl Ball
Color Fusion
Palindrome Sock
Electric Dawn
Shawl Ball
Palindrome Sock
Color Fusion
Self Striping:
Each skein is 100 grams of self striping sock yarn.
Let's Get this Paradox Started -
Striped to echo the TARDIS, you can travel through time with these socks on your feet, just be careful not to change your timeline.
Knitting with Teri - This skein has it all, red wine, white wine, chocolate, and red yarn.  That's our friend Teri summed up, and we love her for it.
Show your team spirit:
Gold & Black for the Boilermaker you love.
Go Blue!  Indianapolis fans will like this one. 
Cream & Crimson. ..
Hoosier favorite team?