A few things about us...

Brenda and Heather are cousins, with few vices, except yarn, and chocolate, and coffee... and maybe wine... beer... good tequila... cookies, cake, ice cream... chocolate... mmm... chocolate.  They share a love for all things yarn (and apparently a few other things!). 
A few years ago they had a wild dream of starting some kind of yarn business.  Dyeing yarn turned out to be the one that interested them the most.  They chose to specialize in striping yarns and gradients, but you can expect to see other fun dye work in the future.   
Brenda loves to knit socks but she refuses to wear socks until the temperature drops below freezing.  Brenda is a former microbiologist.  She also likes shiny things.  
Heather currently spends a lot of time in the stacks at a library, reading books she's supposed to be putting on the shelves.  She likes all colors.  Heather loves to knit socks too, and she wears her wool socks all year long.  
Also contributing to BaH Yarns is a consulting chemist/wandering minstral/kid and kitten wrangler.  And then there's this tall guy who wears earplugs and helps build things.  

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